air asia crash

AirAsia’s Inaugural Flight to Mauritius (October 5)

The first AirAsia flight will be landing in Mauritius tomorrow, Tuesday, October 5.

air asia crash

AirAsia’s inaugural flight to Mauritius is keenly awaited by the authorities. Great expectations are tied to its scheduled three-flights-per-week to the island.

The deal between the flight company and Mauritius comes with a number of benefits: for instance, the tourist industry will be further developed thanks to a greater opening to the Asian market, says the director of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA). According to the latter, AirAsia will be the vehicle for 50,000 passengers per year.

Tourists coming from Asian countries used to make up around 6% of the total. Now, this figure is at nearly 20%. With AirAsia in Mauritius, the country will be even more conspicuous on the international market.

The inaugural flight is full up to 97%. The authorities concerned will see to it that this remains the trend, or else everything will have to be ended. The chairperson of Air Asia, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, explains that they will not be offering subsidies to passengers, and that they will «have to make this route really work», as they are not in «charitable business».

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