Clone of Jamel Debbouze Discovered in Mauritius

9249 km away from the real Jamel Debbouzze, a clone of the actor has been discovered!

Who does not know the famous actor and comedian Jamel Debbouze? But did you know that our dear Jamel has a clone? A “sosie” as it is called in French.


Source of picture

The clone of Jamel was spotted by a passenger at the SSR International Airport in Mauritius on Monday evening and the photo was shared on Twitter. The “real” Jamel was tagged in the tweet and shared it on his official Facebook page therefore invoking the magic of the internet to identify this guy.

Mission accomplished within less than 1 hour!

The clone was instantly identified by many Facebook users in Mauritius and his name is Vedasingh Mungar, a software engineer working for an offshore company in Mauritius. The Jamel clone is currently on a trip to India and left Mauritius on Monday evening. According to some of his friends, the Jamel Debbouzze clone is famous at his place of work for wearing some of the strangest shirts ranging from snake skin designs, leopard patterns to exaggerated floral patterns.

Probably the real Jamel and the clone will have a beer together the next time the actor comes to Mauritius!

Un peu du Jamel et un peu du leopard, comme aurait dit Monsieur Vedasingh Mungar.

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