Road Traffic: “Be Safe” Sensitisation Campaign Moves Forward

The Central Division of the police force has launched a sensitisation campaign “Be Safe” with the collaboration of Defi Media Group with the aim of educating young people about the dangers lurking on our streets, and the importance of adhering to good practices on public roads.


The sensitisation campaign started off on September 26. It is motivated by the overwhelming number of fatal accidents: 100 individuals have died on our roads since the beginning of the year. The age group to be specially targeted by this endeavour is between 5 to 25 years because research has shown that people falling under this category have a greater risk of becoming road victims. Through educating them, the authorities aim at reaching a broader group, namely the families and friends of these young people.

The project will be executed in three phases, the first and second ones having already been conducted: police officers visited schools from September 26 to September 29 to instruct over 8,000 students about road traffic regulations, and the second stage of the campaign, which began this week, on Monday, October 3, and ended today (o5/10/16), entailed having 30 policemen posted in other public places like bus stations, markets, and other high-traffic areas to give out pieces of advice to the population.

The third part of the Awareness Program, will start off this weekend; it is scheduled to take place on the parking lot of Jumbo Phoenix: a variety of themes will be addressed, from visibility on roads to driving while drunk. A blood donation program has been organised by the Ministry of Health for the event. The Red Cross will be there as well to inform the public of tips pertaining to first aid. Vision screening facilities for drivers will also be made available.

A recreational and educational corner will be set up for children. Students of primary and secondary schools will be taking part in activities, and police officers of Vacoas are to participate in a sketch.

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