Over 130,000 Tourists in Mauritius in October

More than 130,000 tourists have travelled to Mauritius in October, says a report of Statistics Mauritius.


The latest statistics show considerable improvement in the tourist sector: 130,421 tourists landed on the island last month. Previous reports show that 109,000 tourists came to Mauritius during the same period last year, thereby marking a 20% increase.

The additional number of tourists comes with more foreign currency boosting the economy of the country: minister Xavier-Luc Duval explains that the 21,000 more tourists brought over Rs 1 billion more.

Another finding is that an increase of 10.8% has been recorded in the rate of tourist arrivals for the period lasting from January to October as opposed to 2015.

European tourists remain the majority of the foreigners visiting our island. They have increased by 25% last month. Others come from Germany (42.7%), the UK (19%), and France (15%). Also, the statistics for India show an increase of 41.6% for last October, and the figures for South Africa have risen by 15.5%.

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