PORLWI By Light Festival: Celebrating the People & Street Art

Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius will literally be in the spotlight with the famous event PORLWI By Light which will start off on December 2 2016, extending till the 4th.


Port-Louis Under the Spotlight

A second edition of PORLWI By Light will light the streets of Port-Louis next month, an event funded by both the private and public sectors of the island.

Theme: Celebrating Art & People

The contemporary Mauritian culture will be celebrated, and the activities to be organised will constitute a platform to propel forward new talents, as was the case for the first edition of the festival whereby hundreds of artists had the opportunity to win over the hearts of admirers. The 2016 edition promises to focus on encouraging interactions among the people, with a special emphasis on sharing. The theme itself has been named “People”.

From Aapravasi Ghat to the “Jardin de la Compagnie”

An area of 50,000m² will be accommodating over 150 artists, promoting street art and music, street food together with many other activities; the allocated slots will extend along the port, Caudan Waterfront, through “La Place d’Armes”, to the Theatre and the “Jardin de la Compagnie”, and “Le Grenier”; the plan also includes the Aapravasi Ghat, the parking of IBL, and “la Vieille Prison”.

Targeting Locals & Foreigners

The event, to be made possible through the collaboration of the Ministry of Tourism and the Minister of Arts and Culture as well as many other partners is meant for both Mauritians and tourists.

Source: Porlwi by Light 2016 (Thea.mu)

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