Blackout All Over Mauritius Today (December 19)

The large-scale blackout of today (December 19) left Mauritians ‘crippled’ for several hours. Regions in Mahebourg, Souillac, to those in Quatre-Bornes, Rose-Hill and Riche-Terre, and other areas in the East were affected by the power cut this afternoon.

The cutoff of electric power was confirmed earlier by the Central Electricity Board (CEB) which promised that the problem would soon be solved. Indeed, regions deprived of electricity ultimately had power back.

We have become so dependent on electricity that the lack of it is bound to come with problems. For instance, it is reported that several people have been stuck in elevators. Victoria Hospital has also been affected, and patients for whom radiotherapy was scheduled had to be returned home. And, I bet those who have withdrawal symptoms when there is no wifi nearly died of boredom!

The reason behind the massive blackout? A technical breakdown that happened on the Combo-Henrietta line. This power line is supplied by Omnicane’s ‘Centrale Thermique du Sud (CTDS)’ and ‘Compagnie Thermique de Savannah (CTSAV)’. The power failure of these two led to an imbalance affecting other networks.

The power outage of today is reminiscent of a similar mishap that occurred 16 years ago, back in 2000, after which the CEB had set up a protocol to manage this type of power failures.

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