Mauritius CPE Results 2016 – List of Candidates To National Colleges

The Mauritius CPE (Certificate of Primary Education) results 2016 are expected today. This year is the last year for the CPE system. About 19798 students are concerned with today’s results in Mauritius.

cpe student

Headmasters from primary schools in the region of Plaine Wilhems have collected the results slips at 06:00 today. Result slips for primary schools of other regions of Mauritius are available since 07:00 today at the MES. Results will be distributed at each respective primary school as from 09:00 today.

Private CPE candidates are requested to collect their result slips as from 08:00 at the MES today.

Pass rate for CPE 2016 is 76.96% compared to that of 2015 which was at 77.68%. Pass rate for CPE repeaters is 24.7%.

List of Boys Admitted To National Colleges – CPE 2016

List of Girls Admitted To National Colleges – CPE 2016


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