79 Migrants in Illegal Situations in Mauritius

Migrants living in illegal situations in Mauritius amount to 79. The Passport and Immigration Office has its work cut out.

Mauritius has its fair share of foreigners, but not all of them are legally here. As a matter of fact, we currently have 79 migrants living in illegal situations on the island; most of them are from Madagascar and India, with 16 from Nigeria, 13 from France, and 12 from China and Ghana. Some of them initially had a three-month-visa but they ended up staying behind for over a year. The individual cases are all different—a Nigerian and another individual from Madagascar only had a one-day-visa.

It is to be noted that 56 foreigners had previously been granted the permission to stay in the country through a ‘Provisional Student Visa’; they were a group of students, all from Bangladesh, to the exception of an Indian, says the Prime Minister in response to a question in National Assembly.

The responsibility of bringing to justice foreigners in illegal situations in Mauritius falls under the Tracing and Tracking team of the Passport and Immigration Office. Over a hundred interventions were carried out last year, when the number of illegal immigrants was much higher; according to statistics, 216 of them were on the island in mid-2016. The majority was, then, deported; but, the group of 79 of them were not arrested.

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