State Trading Corporation: Rs 2.25 Billion Paid to the State

2016 has been a prosperous year financially, according to the latest figures of the State Trading Corporation (STC): over Rs 2 billion of dividend have entered the State coffers.

The State received payments amounting to Rs 2.25 billion from the STC since October 2015.

On the other hand, stats show that no such favourable transaction happened from January to September 2015. Then, back in October 2015, a first deposit of Rs 600 million was sent out, with an additional Rs 200 million in November and December. This trend, then, continued in 2016, such that Rs 2.25 was reached.

Further stats show that the turnover of the STC was at Rs 26 billion in 2015; 89.4% of this came from the sale of petroleum products.

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