Stop Smoking Cessation Clinics in Public Hospitals For Tobacco-Addicts

Helping smokers quit—such is the intention behind the Ministry of Health’s Smoking Cessation Programme created back in 2008.

A 2008-organisation might be among your 2017 new resolutions! The Smoking Cessation Programme is meant to assist tobacco-addicts in getting rid of their bad habit. Each year, around 3,000 Mauritians register in the Stop Smoking Cessation Clinics set up in all public hospitals of the island to give up smoking.

Enrolled smokers are put under the care of a medical practitioner and a Nursing Officer, both trained in psychotherapy. Furthermore, psychological support is provided. The addicts are also treated with medication.

So, if you’re a smoker who aspires to give up the destructive habit, you now know what to do—just go to a public hospital, and register in the Stop Smoking Cessation Clinics available there!

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