Smart Jacket Created by Google & Levi’s

We are now in the ‘smart’ era, and we want ‘smart’ everything—why should this apply to our tech devices only? Why not our clothes too?! Google and Levi’s look forward to bringing us a smart jacket, taking wearable technology to a whole new level.

Smart Trucker Jacket

The two firms have entered into a partnership to design the world’s first ever ‘smart jacket’: this is basically your normal, regular jacket (Levi’s commuter trucker jacket; the company did not want a conspicuously-‘smart’ jacket), but one incorporating Google’s Project Jacquard. The latter is technology that allows you to use your jacket to connect with others without your phone!

Interactive Denim & Bluetooth Sleeve

The fabric of the jacket is called ‘interactive denim’: it is made up of conductive fibres with small electronic circuits within itself, culminating into 15 conductive threads at the side of the sleeve, which has a Bluetooth device ‘sewn’ into it, such that it is touch-sensitive. The Bluetooth insert could serve as some sort of cufflinks; it fits into a hole on the sleeve. The system allows for touches and movements to be detected by the denim, and transmitted to connected devices like smartphones.

Wearing your tech on your sleeve. Photo credits: Nathan Mattise.

Take Calls & Control Your Music Player With Your Jacket Sleeve!

The purpose of these connections is to allow you to interact with your devices without actually touching them. For instance, if you want to adjust the volume of a song playing on your phone, or if you want to answer incoming calls, you just have to tap on the sleeve. You can also change the music track and use your GPS app. You do not have to take your phone out of your pocket to do any of this! Furthermore, you can also be alerted of incoming messages and calls through subtle vibrations.

The gestures needed to carry out these operations will vary. A set of 5 types thereof will be made available: slide forward, slide back, double tap, full palm press, and a circular movement.

But, is it washable?!

Worry not—you just have to remove the Bluetooth insert from the cufflink pouch, and wash it without worrying about the electronic circuits found within the fabric!


The jacket is not yet available. It is scheduled to be released this very year though, in autumn, and will be sold at US$350.

More On The Way?

The conductive fibres can be turned into other garments with the help of simple industrial machines. So, if the products sells, who knows, it might pave the way to more of its kind!

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