Comments Policy

Comments Policy

The following comment guidelines are to help new commentators and new readers to abide by our commenting rules. We are often faced with hundreds of spam or totally unrelated comments on a daily basis. As such we wrote this list to help our readers so that their comments are not deleted by our moderators.

  • Always use your name or nickname to comment. People using keywords to comment as their name will be reviewed by our moderation team manually before approval. If your comment is legit and related to the topic then you don’t have to worry. However comments with keywords as nickname and having comment content totally unrelated to our article will be deleted on an initial basis and labeled as spam if repeated.
  • Use a real email address when commenting. If your email address appears like a fake one, your comment will be deleted. However in some exception, we can approve your comment if it is related to the article and you wish to remain totally anonymous. Note that your email address is NEVER shown on the comment page. As such no one except an IC admin can know who you are. We also never share email addresses of our commentators with any third party.
  • Comments are moderated automatically every 3hours by our moderation system and only pass through manual moderation if the comment if flagged by any of our predefined criteria – If you leave a comment, it will not appear instantly on the page. So if you do not see your comment after posting it, don’t worry. It will be there soon after being approved.
  • Do not use sensitive words and foul words in your comments. Comments having one or two swears will be moderated but comments which are full of swears and unrelated to the post will be marked as spam and then deleted.
  • Don’t insert links into your comment unless the link is related to the article. Links inside comments will be moderated in the link format: url
  • If you wish to link to your blog or website while commenting, do so by inserting your url in the website section of the comment form. Do not insert a double link inside your comment as it will be removed.
  • If you do not have a website or blog, please leave the Website field in the comment form blank
  • Comments involving personal attacks toward the author or other commentators will be deleted
  • Same people posting different comment using different names will be deleted. We also track IP addresses. So it is very easy to know who are the same person pretending to be different ones.

Last updated: June 2014

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